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This set is best for those who own a PS3 Eye Camera (or other – recommended list here)

You need to know how to convert it for better IR light receiving, there is plenty of information in the internet how to do that, in example here.

You can still give it a go with any unmodified camera, and it is possible it will work fine from a short distance from your standard webcam.

What is in the box:

  • 1 x DelanCLip - the stainless steel bracket with all the electronic bits fitted as listed below:
    • 3 x very high quality infra red LED's
    • PTC Fuse - for your motherboard protection against short circuit
    • USB Cable 1.7 m
  • 2 x Strong adhesive hook and loop (Velcro buttons)
  • 1 x daylight filter ( suitable for unmodified cameras, pair of blue and red films )

What else do you need:

  • An IR receiver - it means any camera which is possible to modify (you must have this to be able to use head tracking)
  • Just a bit of your time to set it up with tracking software - see our manual

Ready head tracking solution:

If you don't want to bother with modifying the camera by yourself, we have a ready solution for you, just buy DelanCLip Gamer Edition and all the hassle will be gone 🙂

You can also consider our new strap mount: see product page here This little thing will give you a lot of relieve from wearing standard headphones or cap/hat. Very light, nice in touch and feels really good comparing to heavy headphones. Ideal solution if you need a rest for you
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