Hi All,

We are on the market since May 2013 and never had time to start blogging to keep you up with news and what is going on at Delan Engineering, as well as in PC Head Tracking Gaming World. Recently we have made few improvements in our workflow and thanks to that, we gained a bit more time to stay in touch with you !

Lets start from beginning… I was a regular chap working Monday – Friday as a CAD engineer, I also love to fly, hence my addiction to play good flying simulations, but the best thing is that my favourite is Radio Controlled flying. (You may see a picture in the background of one of our videos showing whole group of RC team on the field).
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Having more time than now, during the winter long evenings, i used to play Condor Soaring – The Complete Soaring Simulator and i loved it for a great realism in the glider.

One day I was told by my co-players – why you not make yourself a free-tracker ? I was a bit sceptic at the start, but then i just made up something quickly to see how it will work for me. To my surprise I was amazed !!! I could look around in the cockpit of my favourite glider, without any additional hand moves, it felt so natural using my head for head tracking in the sim game. After that, i decided to make something more sturdy than a cardboard template 🙂 and designed the first shape of DelanClip made whole in steel, to be tough and unbreakable. I just like to have things which gives a feeling of great quality and of course they must be sturdy. I accomplished that by laser cutting our first DelanClip in a stainless steel sheet metal. After few weeks of using the steel version I was so convinced it will last for long and decided to give it a go and sell it on eBay.

Yes, we were the FIRST on the market with an alternative to TrackIR. And whole shape and design was made by my hands from scratch. Funny story is that i found out there is a TrackIR on the market after I spent dozens of hours playing with DelanClip.

To make the story short, when people started to know us as a brand on the market, we moved our business to a stand alone website with online shop. Thanks to that, we could focus on developing best customer service and work hard to deliver parcels as soon as possible.

Now we are still fully employed and we do our DelanClip business only in the afternoons, when we are back from the primary jobs.

We are still looking for people who would like to review delanclip on YouTube or a blog.

Despite a very limited time for doing 2 jobs every day we work on development of our products as well. Soon you will be able to see new product in our online shop. At the moment we cannot give more details, but please share our website and like Facebook page also our YouTube channel, to be the first who will find out what it will be !

Taking the opportunity of this post we wish to say thank you to all our beloved customers, also to all our You-tubers who made a great videos about our product, and everybody else who know us !

All the best ! And have a great Head Tracking Times !


Tomasz Delanowski,

Delan Engineering (UK)