Head Motion Tracking

General Knowledge – all you need to know before you start. Must read !


  1. Do not plug the camera to usb!
  2. Unplug all USB devices
  3. Leave only keyboard and mouse
  4. Only then, please download and install

DELANCLiP uses 3 Infra-red LED’s and you won’t see any light when you plug it into the USB port!

The light emitted by IrLED is not visible to the human eye!

The picture on the right was taken with a standard phone camera, you can see the illumination on it as any camera can ‘see’ the IR light. That is why you need a PC webcam to track the three points. The black bit of film on the picture is to block daylight going through the camera eye to make it easier for use in bright rooms. The film allows IR light pass and the camera track the three spotlights. DelanClip does not need any drivers – USB plug is only to power the LEDs, the device is fitted with a PTC fuse which provides protection of your PC Motherboard from power surges.

This manual has been developed assuming that you are using a PS3 Eye camera. It’s recommended because of the operational parameters: 75 FPS with 640 x 480 resolution makes gaming smooth responsive. You can find more cameras compatible with DelanClip (we’ll get there later). The following still applies to 99% of web cameras.
Above video shows you how to start with mounting the DelanClip as well as how to setup the PS3 Eye camera for head tracking.
(please turn off any ad blocking software as this will hide the video)

It does not matter which side you attach it on… It is all down to the software you use. You can set the model position in FaceTrackNoir later. But it is often easier to just move your camera to be cantered with your clip position.

You do not need to set the model dimensions as the DelanClip has been manufactured to the default dimensions from the point tracker plugin.

The Camera

Which one to choose?

It is always worth to trying any camera you actually have, before you go and buy another!

Please bear in mind, that the basic, unmodified cameras, never get the best performance when compared to 75 frames per second with PS3 Eye Camera.

This is the defining factor that is most important if you need very smooth movement translation into your favourite game.

There are many (recommended) cameras which will work great as a tracking receiver.

PS3 Eye Camera Driver Installation

  1. If the camera has a cap, please remove it, If not – please carry on to point 2.
  2. Make sure your antivirus software is disabled while you will be installing the camera driver !
  3. Make sure you HAVE NOT PLUGGED the camera to your USB 2.0 port yet !
  4. Install the drivers – it is the CL-Eye Test program (it includes drivers too)
  5. Reboot the system
  6. Plug in the camera, direct to your motherboard USB 2.0 socket, DO NOT USE USB Hubs – very important.
  7. Wait for the system to update the registry
  8. You are good to go to the next step

Camera Check !

After installation of the drivers please make sure your camera is working with the “CL-Eye test” it is a program installed with the drivers. More in next step.

Unmodified cameras (not bought from us, and only applies if you source the camera byself, our cameras does not need the below mod)

If you purchased DELANCLiP Gamer, or just the camera on its own, skip this step.

If you have bought a set with the camera from us – you can skip this step as it’ll already be done for you!

If you will use unmodified camera you have sourced it from somewhere else, make sure you have already fitted the 2 pieces of the transparent coloured film enclosed with the DELANCLiP on the top of the lens of your camera.

If you use your own (modified) camera without an IR filter – it is a must to use a bit of film from floppy disk drive, otherwhise the camera will not function properly for head tracking.

blue and red daylight filter

CL-Eye Test

This is built-in software delivered with the PS3 Eye camera PC drivers. You need to go to Menu and from DEVICES choose PS3 Eye Camera before you will be able to change anything. Then go to OPTIONS and click VIDEO CAPTURE FILTER to open the window; example in right side of this screenshot. Please use it to pre-set your camera threshold before you go to set up the threshold in FaceTrackNoIR. Please set your gain and exposure to get the results as similar to the video guide as you can.

Please note – if you are not satisfied with the LED dots size in your head tracking software you should remove the IR filter from your PS3 Eye camera. We do not guarantee perfect results until you have dedicated and properly modified camera.

Please view the below images for the idea of how to mount DelanClip.

The Software

Bring your DelanClip to life! Choosing the software it is the second most important thing so let’s take a look!

OpenTrack Setup (Easy)

Here is the easiest and free software to set up for head tracking with DELANCLiP

Facetracknoir v170 Setup

Another free software to set up for head tracking with DELANCLiP, little more hasle – but we have covered all.

TrackIR Setup

TrackIR Camera is fully compatibile with DELANCLiP below is a link to short video showing raeally easy setup.