PC Head Tracking Explained


How it works

3 LED spotlights are translated by the software into movements on the screen. The camera in front of you will track the dot lights as orientation points, any movement is then mapped into the game exactly as you move your head.

About DelanClip

DelanClip – PC Head tracking – brings new reality in many games ! Use your head movement instead of mouse/joystick or other controllers. Mostly recommended if you play games such as: Elite Dangerous, IL-2 Sturmovik, Euro Truck Simulator, rFactor, DCS series, ARMA 3, Condor: The Competition Soaring Simulator, Farming Simulator, Flight Simulator from Microsoft and many many more. Head tracking frees your hands and makes the game more exciting as well as increases the realism.


We have put every effort in to make it DelanClip durable and precise. Professionally soldered, and expertly fitted. The quality and customer satisfaction are most important to us! One of our happy customers said:

This is a genuine and only one ‘master piece’ made by hand from scratch.


Our Head Tracking DelanClip is compatible with all available software on the market. You can use one of the most popular such us:

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How does it work – DELANCLiP Head Tracking

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