IR Tracking Software Download

All the files you require to run DelanClip Head Tracking

Here you can find all required downloads to get you ready to rumble ­čÖé

The most important download you require to start are the below programs with supporting files:

  1. CL-Eye – PS3 Camera Driver
  2. FaceTrackNoIR v170 Free version of the Tracking Software – Exclusive for our customers only! See your shipping confirmation email for password to the file.
  3. FaceTrackNoIR v170 (Supported Games) – Latest List of supported games to be replaced with existing one according our manual.
  4. FaceTrackNoIR v170 (Point Tracker Plugin v1.1)

You can try these later as well, when you get familiar with the tracking system:

  1. FaceTrackNoIR V200┬á– new version of the Facetracknoir┬átracking software but i think it is worth the extra┬áÔéČ2.85 especially when you read the author story of life.
  2. OpenTrack-2.3.1-Stable – alternative tracking software – also very good but needs a bit more of setting up – although gives you more possibilities of tweaking. Full Guide here: Manual for Opentrack
  3. MacOSX - OpenTrack Head Tracking