After a huge #disappointment with UPS services (we have lost several thousand pounds thanks to their disgraceful customer approach 😡).

We have decided to move to a bit more expensive but apparently more reliable DHL.

From today 14.06.2021 we will offer their service to our customers. We hope that DHL will not let us down as UPS did.
All existing orders with UPS shipping, which are not dispatched – will be upgraded (free of charge) to DHL.
We hope the change will improve our services and our beloved customer’s satisfaction.
That is not over; we are working on delivery duty paid services available through DHL. This service will allow us to collect customs charges upfront and clearly display the final price to our customers. This service will increase delivery speed and eliminate surprises in additional fees on the border; there will be no need for customs clearance in the destination country. We will do it for you while you placed your order. We will keep you updated, and as soon as we introduce this service, we will notify you here.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding.