Head Tracking with DELANCLiP – OpenTrack setup

How to setup DELANCLiP Head Tracking with OpenTrack!

Before you proceed with any head tracking software

make sure you have properly configured your PS3 Camera, this is essential to make it work.

Manual here: PS3 Camera Setup

Opentrack Setup for DELANCLiP + PS3 Camera

01 - DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Installation


  • Download Head Tracking Software:
  • OpenTrack-DELANCLiP-Pack_v2.zip
  • Unzip the files to any new folder of your choice
  • Install opentrack (very easy – just follow the installation wizard)
02 - DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Profile location

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  • Run opentrack software
  • Navigate to the profile dropdown menu
  • Open configuration directory
02 - DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Profile location

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  • Copy our configuration profile DELANCLiP-Opentrack-Basic.ini and Default.ini from the downloaded ZIP to the opentrack configuration folder and overwrite when prompted.
04 - DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Profile Selection

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  • Go back to the opentrack main window
  • Select profile DELANCLiP-Opentrack-Basic.ini
05 - DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Start Tracking

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  • Turn on DELANCLiP and put it on your head
  • Close all other applications – very important – CL-Eye Test MUST BE CLOSED!
  • Press start on the opentrack main window – you should now get a very similar picture as on the screenshot
  • Leave opentrack running, and run your game.
  • You are now able to look around using DELANCLiP
  • If you wish to centre the view press ALT+C or on NUMPAD – the dot symbol
  • Enjoy!
DELANCLiP Manual - Opentrack - Threshold

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  • Make sure your camera is selected in the camera field
  • This is only required if your points are faded or barely visible
  • Click on the camera settings (when available) button and adjust the extraction of the points.
  • Then adjust the threshold to fine tune the points.

The above 6 steps are enough to get you into the head tracking World.

There are more advanced settings available in the opentrack software. They allow configuring more than we covered above. We do recommend to go to the advanced settings when you get familiar with the software.

Advanced OpenTrack Manual

There is also available more in-depth manual for setting up OpenTrack with your head tracker on the link below:

A complete guide to set up Head-tracking (Opentrack)