Great video showing what you can expect if you buy our DELANCLiP Fusion!
We have recently spotted this video on Youtube and can tell that its one of the best video presenations featuring our DELANCLiP Fusion Head Tracking.
You can use your head instead of mouse or joystick. Naturally look around in your favorite games!
Hi CombatGiraffe,
We have just found out about your video and we have to say: you have done a great job showing from the start to the end and being very honest about our product! We appreciate your efforts. This video is so far the best product presentation video on Youtube! Kepp doing the great job! We will answer any questions, feel free to ask us anything! By the way, we will post your video in our facebook group and on our fanpage as well as on our website. Thank you! ❤❤❤
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