Dear customers,

we were so happy to announce our wireless product DELANCLiP Fusion, but sadly our battery supplier let us down.

We have been doing everything to fulfil already placed orders bu sourcing batteries from other suppliers.

At the moment, we had to postpone the delivery and DELANCLiP Fusion is available in preorder.

We had to put things like that, but it is not without a reason. We do not want to le YOU down, to make sure we deliver you best product for best price we made few arrangements  and found a good battery supplier. Unfortunately things needs time and we are awaiting for a new delivery of a very good quality batteries.

The 10 th of December is an estimated product dispatch time. When we receive the batteries we will immediately inform on our news page here, on our website and social media.

For now, we are really thankful for your patience, you can trust us, we do not want to deliver low quality products and we care about every single customer !

All the best !

Delan Engineering