Hi All,
We recently received a brand-new very poor copy of our DELANCLiP, straight from China (you can find them on eBay). We thought we will mention what you get from us, and what makes the price of the premium quality #delanclip #headtracking:

  • Established in 2013 and VAT registered in August 2019
  • 2-year warranty as a standard
  • Lifetime customer support, including remote desktop (with promise of 24 hrs response)
  • Professionally engineered 3D printed enclosure of DELANCLiP Fusion
  • Or, professionally engineered stainless steel DELANCLiP Starter
  • Right to return without a reason

Now, see photos for comparison for your own judgement. By the way, the copy came already cracked as you can see how the parcel was treated…