PC Head Tracking

Use your head movement instead of mouse, joystick or other controllers.

Buy now and feel the power of a new reality in games.

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High Quality

DELANCLiP is built with top quality materials and we guarantee the best durability on the market!

Worldwide Shipping

No matter where you live – we ship worldwide, with care and protection.

Easy to Start

Thanks to our detailed manual you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Affordable Pricing

Our product pricing is market leading with high build quality materials and we aim to keep it that way, affordably, for you.

Compatible with Any Software

DELANCLiP is fully compatibile with TrackIR (any version) – Camera and Software – it is a brilliant replacement of the “Track Clip Pro”, also compatible with OpenTrack, Facetracknoir and Free-Track.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy it, try it, returns are accepted ! If you like it, keep it, we’ll give you 2 years warranty and lifetime support!

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Works with Any Headphones

Our stainless steel bracket is easy to attach to any headphones and we provide multiple solutions.


Best Camera Solution

We offer DelanClip shipped together with a PS3 Eye Camera as in our opinion it is the best combination thanks to the low cost yet high performance of the camera at 75 FPS with 640 x 480 resolution it makes the response smooth and leaves you in control.

Just Plug and Play

Our sets are designed to be easy to use, DelanClip does not need any drivers to work, the USB cable purely provides power to the LEDs. All you need to do is make sure you have the camera installed and one of the compatible softwares set up: (FaceTrackNoIR, OpenTrack, Free-Track or TrackIR)

What our clients are saying about DelanClip?

There are hundreds of positive opinions about it and we aim for many more to come. Everyday we have more happy customers. You can also see our feedback on eBay.

Hey guys, this time in English!
I will show you the unboxing and setup process of a really
good and inexpensive TrackIR alternative called “DelanClip”.


Just got mine in just 3 days, registered mail to Norway. Superhappy with the build quality and deliverytime. Now, to connect everything and dive into Elite Dangerous.

I have one of your kit’s, it’s hand’s down THE best bit of gaming tech I’ve ever bought. It’s laser-cut stainless steel precision perfection, a truly outstanding product and it may appear “cheap” in price but it is most certainly not “cheap” in quality . Outstanding build quality, solid reliability and all at frankly very little money for what you get, gamer’s I’d fill yr boots if you’re looking for head tracking……

I’ve only had time to quickly test the clip but so far have had great results. From the lovely neat packaging and the tidy construction of the clip, it’s obvious you put a lot of effort and care into this product. Overall, I’m very pleased with it.

Just wanted to give my utmost thanks. I am very happy with the clip, which I received recently, and have been using it with great success since. My old trackir clip pro was much more picky and regularly lost tracking, while your clip rarely ever lose it if I dont scratch my head or something, breaking the signal

I just wanted to thank you for prompt delivery and for making this product available to us simmers. The quality of the design, components and build are superb! All the best for the future.

I’ve bought your product a week ago and I am very very pleased with it. I’m using PS3 Eye and it works superb. Its nice to see your new manual and its a lot better than the old one and more informative. Thanks for making these wonderful DelanClips 😉

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